Bearing Corporation - South Africa's No.1 Bearings Supplier

Mission and Values

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Our Vision

  • To place special emphasis on both stock availability and affordability.
  • To stock a wide variety of reputable brands of bearings that are easily found and readily available.
  • To ensure both affordable and competitive market related pricing
  • To maintain a customer centred approach by focusing on individual needs of the customer.
  • To enhance and ensure excellent customer service levels at all times.
  • To gain new business globally by broadening our reach within South Africa as well as the rest of the world, leaving a footprint world-wide.


Our Mission

  • To service the market, by ensuring stock is readily available and is well priced thereby providing a competitive edge.
  • To continuously strive to provide world class service to all of our customers by constantly studying and re-assessing the market trends thereby maintaining spectacular service levels
  • To focus directly on the specialised needs and wants of each customer and working together harmoniously to satisfy these requirements.
  • To ensure Bearing Corporation lives up to its reputation, as being recognised as the “Number 1 Stockist of Bearings in South Africa”.
  • To further augment Bearing Corporation’s reputation globally by utilising various marketing strategies, with the sole purpose of creating brand and stock awareness. This in turn, is aimed at targeting a multitude of different industries throughout the world, ultimately creating a world-wide presence.

103 – 13th Avenue CNR De Wet Street Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1609

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