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Spherical Roller Bearing

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Spherical bearings are used in gearboxes, wind turbines, continuous casting machines, material handling, pumps, mechanical and blowers, mining and construction equipment, crushing and vibration screens, pulp and paper processing equipment, marine and offshore drilling,

Specially made for heavy-duty applications. They are able to align freely in the outer ring raceway which allows it to compensate for shaft deflections and misalignments of bearing seats. This bearing design allows for uniform stress distribution and high load carrying capacity. For the accommodation of vibratory stresses this bearing is also available in narrow dimensional tolerances and increased radial clearance and these bearings are identified with the suffix t41a.

Manufactured in tapered bore and cylindrical bore. Tapered bores are fixed on the shaft with adapter sleeves or withdrawal sleeves. For varying operating and mounting conditions, bearings are available in c3 and c4 (T41a)

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